Instant electric torque means warp-drive acceleration from standstill, allowing family cars to hit 100 km/h (62 mph) faster than a McLaren F1. Couple that accelerative potential with determined students, and it's not hard to guess what happens next. A team based out of Switzerland has just shattered the acceleration record for EVs, hitting 100 km/h in a staggering 1.513 seconds.

The Formula Student Team from Academic Motorsports Association Zürich's (AMZ) little EV weighs just 168 kg (370 lb), and is powered by four 37-kW (50-hp) hub motors. Total system torque is a scarcely believable 1,630 Nm (1,202 lb-ft), put to the road using traction control and a torque vectoring system.

This staggering torque output punted Grimsel to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 1.513 seconds, comfortably knocking the University of Stuttgart's previous best of 1.779 seconds from the top-step of the podium after they took the record from AMZ in 2014.

The car needed just 30 m (98 ft) of runway to reach the milestone and beat the previous record on its first attempt, before refinements to its traction control system helped it reach its fastest time.

AMZ achieved its record time at a military airfield in Dübendorf, with experts watching to make sure it met all the relevant Guinness World Record guidelines.

Source: AMZ Racing