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Groundbreaking Sexual Stimulat...
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June 3, 2004 An American company has released what is believed to be the first of its type - an electrical sexual stimulation device. Stimulation Systems is a Texas-based company specialising in 'electronic consumer products that bring pleasurable, life-enhancing solutions to the world.

'The company's first such product is a hand-held device known as the 'Slightest Touch' which works by stimulating the nerve pathways (in much the same way that acupressure or acupuncture does) associated with sexual arousal.

The device attaches to the ankles via two electrode pads, and sends minute electrical charges at the same frequencies the nervous system uses to signal sexual arousal to the pelvic region.

Unlike other sexual aids, the 'Slightest touch' does not bring on orgasm, but induces a pre-orgasmic state and testimonials provided by the manufacturers suggest it is very successful in achieving its aims.

One testimonial described the device as taking the user to the 'one yard line' (a metaphor for American football), while a radio talk show host who tried the product told her listeners, 'this is never coming off!'

The Slightest Touch Model S1 sells for US$139.95.

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The Amazon link now goes to a Hello Kitty vibrator. ;)
Does it work for men? It would be cheaper than Viagra if it helped us old guys get erections.
To quote the article \'the \'Slightest touch\' does not bring on orgasm\' (as in the real world), so the radio show host was right when she said \"this is never coming off\" Neither is she!
Shaun Bracewell
@HenryFarkas i\'m sure it would work similar, of course you\'d have to shave your legs.
Keith Rutter
Sounds like it will help a lot of women to get going. And I wouldn\'t mind shaving my legs if it helped me as well.
Leong Hee Chan
Now ladies will have less outbursts... I hope and men be patient when an invention comes our way! hahahaha
Fabulous!! I took one glance at the photo and I was READY, but what\'s that thing on her legs?
Hilary Albutt
you can use the acupressure points as the photo shows. also helps with headaches - I swear it does work.
Gavin Greaves
The electrical pulsing is akin to mild spanking without getting sorer and sorer so while providing some stimulation and the potential that it could intensify an orgasm on that basis. But I\'m afraid regardless of the positioning of the electrodes (See deals extreme there is a male specified model but what the difference is I have no idea) apart from yet have tried them directly on the genitalia I haven\'t noticed anything that would lead me to believe it would provide any assistance in erectile dysfunction only having tried it once and not for the purposes of sex.
Advertised a a \"feel good\" stimulator I was actually trying it initially across spasm-ed muscles, didn\'t make me feel good no. Subsequent testing was limited to \"do I suddenly get a great feeling sensation in my loins\", no I didn\'t. :)
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Just to correct a common misconception: Viagra and other pills like that do NOT give erections, they help to MAINTAIN them. Only desire (in standard and non-invasive sexual contexts) gives erections. The simple fact is that if you are not interested in having a sexual encounter, you will not have an erection (in most cases, cuz there are always exceptions). The day big pharma invents a pill that gives erections, don\'t worry, you WILL know.
I could tell you that I\'m a sex therapist but it can\'t be proven here. But you can do your own research and verify for yourself.