Looking for a brand new business jet? I know some of you are. Need to go great distances at the highest speeds possible without having to eyeball the grubby public? Gulfstream's G650ER – the ER standing for Extended Range – has just proven its credentials by flying further and faster than anything else on the market.

It made the 15,518-km (9,642-mile) trip from Singapore to Tuscon in 15 hours and 23 minutes, beating the previous record by 417 km (259 miles) and 44 minutes at an average speed of Mach 0.78, or around 597 mph (960 km/h).

With eight passengers on board (out of a maximum space for 19 or sleeping capacity for 10), the GR650ER has a range long enough that if you leave from Los Angeles, you can fly without refueling to anywhere in the world except Southern Africa, bits of the Middle East, India, South-East Asia, Western Australia or Antarctica.

That's a long time to be on a plane, but this one's got somewhat wider and cushier seats than your average United domestic economy, as well as high-def entertainment systems, a gourmet kitchen and the quietest cabin in the business.

It makes a strong case to be a leading candidate for your next US$66.5 million purchase – but do make sure you keep about $13,600 in change in the ashtray in case you need to fill it up with 48,200 lb of fuel.

Source: Gulfstream