If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people who spend many hours a day in front of computer or TV monitor you could be suffering from a complaint commonly referred to as eye fatigue. And while you might think your sight is deteriorating and you’re losing your 20/20 vision, it could be that your eyes are just plain tired. Eyewear specialist Gunnar Optiks has a range of glasses with special lenses that are designed to relax your eyes and help avoid tiredness, sore eyes and even headaches associated with gazing at screens all day.

“Any digital device that is viewed in the near distance for long amounts of time will create digital eye fatigue,” says Gunnar Optiks co-founder, Jennifer Michelsen. “The smaller the screen, typically the closer the user puts it to the eye, and the more the eye will strain to see it over extended periods. “Gunnar i-AMP technology can ease that strain and help the viewer stay more comfortable for longer.” By filtering out parts of the spectrum that cause your eye to work harder, you can get better contrast sensitivity. Gunnar glasses increase contrast, the same way that shooter glasses do.

“The difference is that Gunnar glasses are very specifically tuned to the type of light found in artificially lit environments and computer screens.”

Michelsen says most people see an immediate improvement in contrast, optical resolution and detail. Over time, wearers experience better visual performance and an increase in productivity over longer periods, she adds.

The company encourages people to wear the glasses for a full week before gauging the benefits.

Gunnar Optiks offers a range of designer glasses for people with 20/20 vision and a prescription program through VSP approved doctors and through its website for people who require corrective lenses.

Michelson says that the Gunnar eSport collection is “doing some great numbers for us. Gamers are the first to adopt anything that will give them a competitive edge. For them, our eyewear is essential gear that makes a difference.” Contact lenses

“Interestingly enough,” Michelson says, “there are some implantable intraocular lenses used in eye surgery that share technology with our eyewear lenses specifically when it comes to filtering the high energy part of the visible spectrum and short wavelength light, so we're sure that there are applications for contact lenses. With the growth of our company, we just haven't had time to explore them yet.”

Gunnar Optiks has investigated using its lens technology in devices like the iPad and other touch panels.

“We've been approached by a number of companies that are in the bio-tech field, aero-space and precision electronics, but we can't talk about any pending deals we have.” Online poker to 3D Online poker is a classic case of the scenario in which Gunnars sees its glasses becoming popular. Players are subjecting themselves to long sessions of visually intense and exhausting experiences, where they are completely absorbed in their activities.

“[Our glasses are] a perfect fit, and we've got a lot of really big fans in the online poker world It wasn't part of our original business plan, but the fit in undeniable.”

Naturally, the company is exploring other markets – including 3D

“Our 3D offering is going wonderfully. We currently have two styles out to market and we're working to expand the collection due to the immediate success of these first styles. (the I-AMP 3D eyewear collection is compatible with iZ3D gaming systems and RealD video formats).

“We also have an artist collection that is about to make its debut. These are glasses that have been designed specifically for artists immersed in the digital age.

“We have some other crazy stuff that we're working on that we can't talk about. Let's just say that it combines the best of the digital and electronics world with the best of the optical world,” says Michelsen.

See Gunnar Optiks for more info or if you've already tried these glasses or similar offerings, let us know what you think in the comments section.

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