Similar to the G-POD and House Arc, the Habitable Polyhedron is a prefabricated outdoor space that transforms a patch of garden into a study, lounge or quiet retreat. The small garden module is the creation of Colombian architectural studio, Manuel Villa and features a surprisingly large interior space.

The Pod almost looks like it could have landed from outer space, with a center skylight that beams light through the top of the ceiling. Keeping in theme, the front deck appears as it has peeled away from the main structure, giving rise to the pod’s large open frontage. This open wall has been fitted with glass panels and a glass door to facilitate the entrance and panoramic outlook. Taking on a honeycomb shape, the wooden framed pod has a sturdy structure that is designed to withstand the elements.

The interior space has scope to accommodate a diverse range of needs, from study, lounge, dining or even a spare bedroom. The abundance of windows eliminates the need for lighting during the day, but the pod can be hooked up with solar power or connected to the grid for artificial lighting at night.

The Habitable Polyhedron appears to be a one off.

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