Halo 2 Headset delivers superior gameplay

Halo 2 Headset delivers superior gameplay
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November 15, 2004 The convergence of real-world technologies with online gaming continues with the release of the GameCom Halo 2 lightweight communications headset from Plantronics, the brand Neil Armstrong used to give his historic "One small step for man" transmission from the moon in 1969.GameCom Halo 2 was engineered specifically for the Xbox gaming system and the highly anticipated sequel to Halo, the best-selling game from Bungie Studios.

With the headset's professional voice features, online gamers can take full advantage of Halo 2's new multiplayer challenges so teams can perform their best. Plantronics has designed mission-critical headsets for NASA, the U.S. Military, Air Services Australia and other professionals for decades. Now gamers can rely on the same rugged durability for their epic Halo 2 sessions with the GameCom Halo 2 Edition, suiting up like Master Chief in gear they can count on.

"GameCom Halo 2 Edition's performance combined with our awesome sound design and new communications effects makes for an intense multiplayer gaming experience," said Pete Parsons, Studio Manager of Bungie Studios.

Online multiplayer Halo 2 battles take on new intensity with technological and feature set advances, and clans can more effectively strategise and trash talk using the GameCom Halo 2 Edition. An optimised speaker, noise-cancelling microphone, and contoured one-ear fit maximise the audio for gamers' complete immersion while letting them stay aware of what's happening in their other reality - the living room. The GameCom Halo 2 Edition also provides a weightless, custom fit for hours of comfortable play so gamers can deliver a premium performance.

The Plantronics GameCom Halo 2 Edition is branded with the Halo 2 name and logo, and the officially licensed Xbox peripheral also matches the special edition Halo 2 console's vivid green and black colour scheme.

The Halo 2 headset is available now, with a recommended retail price of AUD $99.00.


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