A smoke detector is necessary for keeping your home safe, and with the rise of smart devices, it only makes sense for them to be one of the first items to get connected. Halo WX, a new smoke detector just hitting the market, features all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detection one would expect, while also adding in alerts for natural disasters.

The feature that really makes this device stand out is the ability to receive major natural disaster alerts on a smoke alarm. This might seem redundant in the age of cell phones and the internet, but often during major events cell phone signal stops working and power goes out. This feature would allow someone who is stranded in their home to still find out if another tornado was on the verge of touching down in their area, even without TV or internet.

A backup battery that can last for seven days is included with the Halo WX, so even if power is out for an extended period of time, users will still be able to receive alerts containing valuable information such as evacuation routes, shelter, and safe drinking water locations.

Outside of the disaster alert feature, the Halo WX also shares the same features with its non-weather alert-providing sibling, the Halo. That model can detect slow and fast burning fires, and carbon monoxide quickly. It connects to a wide range of existing smart home systems, and it features its own mobile app that allows users to receive alerts of any alarms via their mobile device. It even features a light ring that changes color based on the type of alert, or it can be told to stay solid for use as a night light.

Halo and Halo WX are available for preorder now through Indiegogo. Those looking for weather alerts can get a wired Halo WX for US$100, and a battery-powered Halo without the weather alerts for $60. The team plans to begin shipping devices in October.

The pitch video below provides more information on Halo MX.

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