Traveler's GPS receiver stores up to 32,000 way-points

Traveler's GPS receiver stores...
Hama GPS receiver
Hama GPS receiver
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Hama GPS receiver
Hama GPS receiver

October 31, 2008 A travel diary and a pen have long been the technologies of choice when it comes to remembering exactly where you got to on your last holiday, but it seems this just won't cut it in the digital age. Products like Sony's GPS-CS1KA image tracker have been on the market for some time and cameras like the recently released Nikon COOLPIX P6000 offer in-built GPS for geotagging. Hama's solution is the i-gotU, a matchbox-sized GPS receiver that displays your holiday route on a computer and catalogues any photos taken on the way.

There are two models available, the 21 gram GT-100 and the slightly bulkier (37 g) Bluetooth enabled GT-200. Both feature a waterproof casing to withstand the elements, store up to 32,000 way points and are compatible with all digital cameras and camera mobile phones. When connected to a computer, data is synchronized according to time and place using the included software and an export function also allows travel info to be emailed to family and friends, turned into 3D maps, or published on the web as a photo-travel-blog.

Recharging is via USB port or a special adapter (sold separately) and the integrated Li-ion battery, used in conjunction with the energy saving SiRF starIII chip set, powers the GT-100 for up to 20 hours and the GT-200 for up to 60 hours.

The color choice is kept simple - white - and the GT-100 costs 60 euro with the Bluetooth GT-200 priced at 80 euro.

See Hama for further info.

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1 comment
Hi -- I'm looking at mobile loggers. Where could I buy the Gt200 from in the UK?

Do you think the GT 200 is the best capacity / battery life for this price range?