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Hama WDS-300 Weather Data Receiver
Hama WDS-300 Weather Data Receiver
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Hama WDS-300 Weather Data Receiver
Hama WDS-300 Weather Data Receiver

October 7, 2008 The Hama WDS-300 takes a conventional digital weather station format and links it to the Internet to enable easy access to weather forecast information from around the globe.

The three-part set contains a base station with a display, a transmitter with a USB port and software to transform your PC into an independent weather station.

With the press of a button you can see what the weather is like in your five favorite saved locations, chosen from over 20,000 cities in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia.

The data is synchronized every time you go online and continues to look for updates an additional four times a day. If your Internet connection is interrupted, the long term weather forecast will keep the data saved for ten days and continue to provide you with information, even if you don’t turn your PC on again.

The base station can be placed anywhere in the house and will work within a 100m (around 328ft) range of your PC. Aside from providing classical weather forecasts, the station includes a quartz clock, calendar, time and day display, and an alarm function. It also informs you of the moon phases and the exact times of sunrise and sunset, as well as daily UV index.

The Hama WDS-300 is priced at 89 EUR.

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