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Handsfree email access on the go

Handsfree email access on the go
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May 29, 2007 The proliferation of high-speed wireless networks that keep us connected 24/7 has delivered undoubted benefits to many aspects of our working and social lives. The flipside is that in some situations - notably driving - the combination of mobility and connectivity can be an obvious recipe for disaster. Over 50 governments throughout the world have given recognition to this danger through legislation banning mobile use whilst driving. While hands-free phone usage has long been the norm, mobile solutions company Voice on the Go has taken this to the next level by offering voice access to email, calendars, contacts and other content from any cell phone, smartphone, or PDA.

Voice on the Go allows subscribers to dial in and listen to their email and use voice commands to manage their email and calendar as well as search contacts by name or company and place calls. For example the command "Listen to email summary" will enable the software to summarize and read back any unread email and then delete, compose a reply or add an appointment to your calendar as required - all without taking your hands of the wheel or eyes off the road.

Voice on the Go also allows people with visual impairments or physical challenges to access their email.

“By using Voice on the Go, subscribers can easily access their email and other content anywhere, anytime and comply with growing legislation that prohibits people from holding a cell phone while driving,” said Simon Arnison, President & CEO, Voice on the Go.

The Voice on the Go is designed as a universal application works with any phone or smartphone on any network and supports most popular email services. Voice on the Go can be activated quickly with no voice training, special hardware or software to download and is available via local access numbers across the United States and Canada and in selected European cities. An "Enterprise" version also provides secure voice access to corporate email for companies, government and other organizations.

Hands-free laws are pervasive worldwide with countries including Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand as well as a growing number of states and cities in the United States including New York, New Jersey, California and Washington DC. In Virginia legislation has been enacted prohibiting text messaging while driving and it stands to reason that many of the jurisdictions than currently ban mobile phone use without hands-free control will soon move in this direction.

But does voice-only operation really make the exercise any safer? Some studies have shown that there are "no significant differences" in terms of driving impairment whether you're using a hands-free or not. So either way you are still just as likely to have an accident (see

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