Hanergy teases a solar-powered electric vehicle future

Hanergy teases a solar-powered electric vehicle future
Hanergy shows the solar-powered car in various flavors
Hanergy shows the solar-powered car in various flavors 
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Hanergy shows the solar-powered car in various flavors
Hanergy shows the solar-powered car in various flavors 

The latest company looking to power future EVs with sunlight is China's Hanergy Holding Group. Joining the likes of EVX Ventures (the folks behind the distinctive Immortus), Hanergy unveiled a quartet of thin-film solar cell-equipped vehicles in Beijing over the weekend, each of which is designed to commute around and beyond the city without the need to plug in.

Having purchased California-based Alta Devices several years ago, Hanergy is working to expand gallium arsenide (GaAs) solar cell technology, which claims record-breaking conversion rates as high as 31.6 percent. The cells' lightweight, flexible nature makes them well-suited for integration into a vehicle's structure, and Hanergy's concept cars feature between 38 and 81 sq ft (3.5 and 7.5 sq m) of cells. Hanergy estimates that the cells can deliver about 50 miles (80 km) of driving per day from five to six hours of sunlight, no external charging involved.

Many a trip runs farther than 50 miles, and weather conditions have a habit of changing, so Hanergy has also incorporated an external charging port for the lithium batteries. The company claims the vehicles can drive for up to 217 miles (350 km) per charge, but it doesn't detail the size of the battery or layout of its electric powertrain(s).

An intelligent control system and accompanying app help the driver to manage charging, travel and weather modes. Ultrasonic cleaning technology keeps the panels clear of dirt and debris to ensure smooth energy collection. The four cars are designed in different styles, including an almost shooting brake-like sports car and a city hatchback.

Hanergy says that it performed the R&D for the four vehicles independently and that the cars can be commercialized. Vehicle integration of thin-film cells is part of Hanergy's greater mobile energy strategy, which also calls for using the cells in unmanned aerial vehicles, mobile electronics, backpacks and clothing.

Sources: Hanergy, Bloomberg

Detroit should start worrying of an EV takeover by foreign car's gonna happen with their attitudes. At least GM is trying. Ford is a joke.
The major automotive manufactures are in a lot of trouble, they just don't realize yet. When VW's 'aggressive plan' to go 1/3 electric in 8 years is still going to be lagging years behind Tesla (for sure), Hanergy (we'll see), Faraday Future (could be vaporware) and who know what apple/google will do. I thought that the disparity of offerings right now with new comers vs. major manufactures was bad (electric with autonomous mode vs. ICE and 4G) was embarrassing but it's only going to get worse when one car has the ability to do the days commute without paying for fuel and a competitor costs you $8-$20 per day on top of wear and tear, noise and smell.
Lol. I'm a day charge those cars won't go 1 mile lol
LordIncidious is right, there's paradigm shift in transport coming. The oldies will start down the way of the horse/buggy and steam locamotive within 15 years. Bet my beard on it lol.
Really find it weird that solar energy is still not used by most products. Eg.. Vehicles, machines, gadgets and many more.. They say its becouse solar power is still not strong enough for heavy duty work at the moment. If it could it be amazing as it is free energy! Costs could be cut drastically. You only pay once for the panels and installation. Bills could come close to a zero!