It can be difficult for discerning billionaires to decide where to splash their wealth. With a garage full of hypercars and a helicopter in the hangar, the next logical step is to get into the superyacht game. Should it see the light of day, this Hareide Design Concept could be the yacht to fill that multi-million dollar floating hole in your life.

In additon to two pools, which is pretty much standard with any superyacht, at the stern the deck of the 354-ft (108-m) concept flows dramatically down into the water, forming a shallow wading pool that lets passengers dip their toes into the ocean water while still on the deck.

Meanwhile, a tranquil garden has been built around the 66-ft (20-m) pool flowing through the middle of the main deck, while a pool on the bow lets you make your own, wetter version of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio's famous Titanic scene on the move.

Moving towards the bow on the lower deck reveals a glass-sided entertainment area, and there's a dining hall with 360-degree views on the upper decks. The net result is a floating space perfect for entertaining guests, who can be treated to a nice meal with sweeping ocean views, or enjoy a drink on the rear deck.

Putting the over-the-top design to one side for a moment, Hareide Design has an environmentally friendly power source in mind for its concept. According to the boat's designers, there's 300 sq m (3,229 sq ft) of high-efficiency solar panels fitted to the roof, providing power to banks of lithium-ion batteries hidden below deck.

The batteries are designed to hold enough energy for slow shoreline cruising, although you'll have to kick into hybrid diesel/electric mode to make progress away from the shoreline.

At the moment, this is just a concept, but the only thing stopping it from becoming a reality is someone with the money and the inclination to make it so.

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