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Guns and manhood size: Study deflates compensation theory

Guns and manhood size: Study deflates compensation theory
Researchers looked at the link between satisfaction with penis size and gun ownership
Researchers looked at the link between satisfaction with penis size and gun ownership
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Researchers looked at the link between satisfaction with penis size and gun ownership
Researchers looked at the link between satisfaction with penis size and gun ownership

Researchers have finally investigated a widely held belief that men who are more dissatisfied with the size of their penis are more likely to own a gun. And the results are not what they expected.

Freud was famously obsessed with penises. So much so, that in his Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis, he expanded his theories of dream interpretation to say that weapons, particularly guns, were a phallic symbol.

Now, researchers from the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) have, for the first time, tested the hypothesis – and the assumption long-held in popular culture – that men who are dissatisfied with the size of their penis are more likely to own a gun.

“Although the association between penis size and personal gun ownership has been a persistent topic in popular culture, it has escaped any direct empirical analysis,” said the researchers. “The primary hypothesis, derived from the psychosexual theory of gun ownership, stated that men who are more dissatisfied with the size of their penises would be more likely to personally own guns.”

The researchers used data from the 2023 Masculinity, Sexual Health, and Politics (MSHAP) survey, the primary purpose of which was to document the intersection between masculinity, sexual health and politics in the US. They then set about testing their hypothesis on 1,840 men by asking them if they personally owned any guns or firearms, any semi-automatic or fully-automatic military-style rifles, and how many they owned.

They also assessed penis size satisfaction, asking participants to indicate their overall level of satisfaction on a scale from 1 (completely satisfied) to 7 (completely dissatisfied). Respondents were also asked whether they’d ever used any penis enlargement methods, such as penis pumps, weights, stretching exercises, supplements, creams, or surgeries.

Of the men who participated in the study, 43% reported personally owning a gun, and 11% reported owning a military-style rifle. Participants reported low levels of dissatisfaction with penis size, and only 7% of men had used a method of penis enlargement.

“Our analysis consistently failed to support the hypothesis," the researchers said. "Instead, we found that rates of gun ownership were similar for men who had attempted penis enlargement and men who had no experiences with penis enlargement. We also observed that men who were less dissatisfied with the size of their penises were more likely to own guns across outcomes, including any gun ownership, military-style rifle ownership, and the total number of guns owned.”

While the association between penis size dissatisfaction and gun ownership was strongest among men aged 18 to 29 and 45 to 59, it was weakest in those 60 and over. The researchers suggest that one explanation might be the decline in testosterone at around 30, followed by a rebound at 50. Alternatively, they say that the social constructionist theories of gender may apply. That is, cultural definitions and portrayals of masculinity vary dramatically across the lifespan, and men may think differently about their bodies – including their penises – before 30 than they do later in life.

Either way, it’s good to finally put the issue to bed.

The researchers disclosed that data collection for the study was financially supported by the organization Change the Ref, whose mission is “Shifting America’s social response to gun violence by uniting creativity, activism, disruption, and education.” The researchers state that although Change the Ref has a clear anti-gun stance, it played no role in the planning or implementation of the study.

The study was published in the American Journal of Men’s Health.

Hilarious! But it wasn’t a “widely held belief” to begin with. Instead, it was just a joke.

Hopefully, the University of Texas researchers learned something. LOL
Interesting study. I'd like to see a companion study comparing actual size of p*****s with the size of the truck one drives. Overall height may actually be the factor at play here, with my experience showing that men of shorter stature must drive larger trucks, or lift them higher, or accessorize them with every aftermarket accessory available on the market. : ) A psychology lesson to be sure!
And how many millions of taxpayer dollars were spent on this study?........and how much actually went to research?.........and why was it done in the first place? Funny I never missed any sleep over this.
Do they honestly think men are going to be "honest" about how they feel about their manhood? They lie about the size of the fish they caught, of course they are going to lie about how proud of their dick they are. This opinion is coming from a man by the way. Lol
Paul, do you ever wonder how these people get the grants to pursue these studies? I've met a few tall & big men who exhibited the "little man syndrome" as it is called. Some of them are just irrational and practically psychopathic. So what use is this study - do you think anyone who makes the small penis = large gun collection association is going to start thinking differently? I wager this will end up in the round file cabinet. Maybe it will change the common discourse - but I doubt it.
Didn't Freud once say, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar".
Guns as phallic compensation was a joke, but apparantly an article of faith for leftists who either lack a sense of humor or can't comprehend why anyone would want to have a gun. Sport shooting, hunting, and self-defense are apparently unfathomable to them, an excellent reason why they shouldn't be in charge of making gun laws.
I thought that was how much they spent on exotic cars?
Up next? Oversized pickup trucks & penis size?
You can't use semi-automatic rifles for a study like this. Modern manufacturing has made carbines so accurate, almost every semi-auto rifle buyer is looking for the shortest rifle he can legally own. If you want to look at penis compensation, you have to go with purchasers of 50 caliber pistols or really long camera lenses.
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