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Tiny zaps used to kill stubborn warts

Tiny zaps used to kill stubborn warts
Treatment-resistant warts, along with other skin lesions, may be no match for nano-pulse stimulation
Treatment-resistant warts, along with other skin lesions, may be no match for nano-pulse stimulation
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Treatment-resistant warts, along with other skin lesions, may be no match for nano-pulse stimulation
Treatment-resistant warts, along with other skin lesions, may be no match for nano-pulse stimulation

Although it's possible to remove warts by freezing them with liquid nitrogen, they often grow back, requiring multiple treatments. New research, however, suggests that ultra-short electrical pulses could be much more effective at eliminating warts and other skin lesions.

Combining the findings from multiple previous studies, scientists from California-based Pulse Biosciences recently evaluated a type of therapy known as nano-pulse stimulation (NPS). In a nutshell, it involves subjecting lesions to a series of electrical pulses, each one lasting just one nanosecond (one one-billionth of a second).

The electrical pulses create nanometer-wide pores within the cells of the lesions, through which sodium, potassium and calcium ions can enter. This in turn disrupts the flow of those same types of ions in and out of the cells, ultimately resulting in cell death.

In one test of the procedure, 174 seborrheic keratosis lesions each received a single treatment that lasted less than one minute. A few weeks later, over 82 percent of those lesions crusted over and peeled off. Because the collagen and fibrin that make up healthy skin are not affected by NPS, however, the skin that was revealed beneath the lesion sites was not scarred.

In another trial, a single NPS treatment was found to clear 99 percent of facial sebaceous gland hyperplasia lesions within 60 days. Eighteen of the lesions required a second treatment, which was most often due to the target being missed on the initial treatment.

And when NPS was used to treat 23 warts that were resistant to liquid nitrogen treatment, "a majority" of those warts died and fell off within 60 days.

"NPS technology has been shown to be very effective in the clearance of many types of cellular skin lesions while sparing the noncellular components of the dermis," states the lead scientist, Dr. Richard Nuccitelli. "The proper energies can provide scarless lesion elimination with short treatment times and very high efficacy."

A paper on the research was recently published in the journal Bioelectricity.

Source: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

Spud Murphy
I had warts on my hands that freezing and other mainstream treatments couldn't remove, and at the time I gave up on those treatments and found one from the US from a mob called wartfree dot com (I think that's the right name, was close to 20 years ago). It was a mix of essential oils that attacked the wart virus, and it certainly worked. I just put a drop on each wart at night, with a band-aid over the top, and did that each night for a week. After a week I stopped treating them and they just contracted and disappeared. No pain, no doctor's appointments, easy peasy...

I've never found anything that works like that stuff, but sadly they have disappeared, probably another victim of big pharma using the FDA to put them out of business (just a guess).

Don't know if there is an equivalent product around now, maybe if anyone has come across something, let others know here?
Spud, i read your comment about your success with the warts.
My story is about partly myself, but most of may father. He got both hands full of warts after an operation. The blood he got at the hospital must have been with wart virus.
The warts was big and they cracked up so they was bleeding, and he always had problems with them when working. He was a fisherman, and the fishing net gave him huge problems.
An attempt to get rid of some, was that he tied a nylon around them, and teared them out!
But that too was very painful as well. A hole was left of size of 1/4 inch in diameter.
Most warts was 1/4 " in diameter or bigger.

Then suddenly the warts started to fall of and almost dissolved by themselves.
He discovered that the medicine was chlorine! He cleaned shells from the ocean with chlorine, and everyday his hands was down in strong chlorine water. Within a few weeks most of the warts was gone, and the skin healed. He was of course very relieved and happy.

When I myself got a few warts, I tried the same, and I also got rid of them.
Hope this can be a story which can help others as well.
Douglas Rogers
Once my dad removed a wart from between my fingers with red furniture varnish. It took several applications for a week or two.
CellPower works for me. Treats keratoses, warts, and unwanted moles. Love to try the nanoshocks for the painful one in the middle of my thumb pad, though. Nothing has worked.
I had a stubborn "Planters Wart" on the bottom of my foot 35 years ago. Chemical treatments failed over and over. One night while I was building a 250 watt AM transmitter I decided to burn it off with a 1 Megahertz arc from the transmitter's output. It worked and the wart never returned.