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Contraceptive gel made to kill sperm and viruses while boosting libido

Contraceptive gel made to kill sperm and viruses while boosting libido
A sample of the trifunctional gel
A sample of the trifunctional gel
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A sample of the trifunctional gel
A sample of the trifunctional gel

Why use three separate products, when just one will do the trick? That's the thinking behind an experimental new contraceptive gel that combines a spermicide, an anti-viral agent and a libido enhancer in one formulation.

The non-toxic "trifunctional gel" is being developed by a team of scientists at North Carolina State University, led by Prof. Ke Cheng. It's made up of a Carbomer acrylic acid polymer base, to which is added the contraceptive gossypol, the antiviral drug tenofovir, and nitroglycerin for stimulating blood flow to the genitals.

In in vitro lab tests, a sample of the gel containing 10 micrograms of gossypol per milliliter was found to kill 100 percent of pig sperm within 30 seconds. Even when lower concentrations of gossypol were used, the gel still eradicated all of the sperm within an 180-second period.

Further experiments showed that the gel inhibited a lentivirus (of which HIV is one type), while not harming epithelial vaginal cells.

Its contraceptive effect was put to the test by dividing a total of 18 female rats into three groups. The gel was applied to the vaginas of one group, while another group was given a commercially available gel containing the spermicide nonoxynol9 – the third group served as a control, receiving no contraceptive. After mating with male rats, the trifunctional gel group had no pregnancies, whereas the nonoxynol9 group had one and the control group had six.

And finally, when the gel was applied to the penises of male rats, the animals were found to mate more often, and to more quickly achieve erections.

The research is described in a paper that was recently published in the journal Bioactive Materials.

Source: North Carolina State University

Sounds like a government project to me. Let's reduce population by having more sex!! Woohoo!!
Obviously the biggest impediment to its use will be social conservatives desire to control our lives. This checks all the boxes. Hopefully it proves to be safe and effective.
One of the biggest cures of almost all the world's woes would be a cheap male birth control pill with no side effects. This would reduce the birth rate by half at least.
ChairmanLMAO: Yeah, ‘cause ignoring the subject is a sure-fire guarantee that people won’t have sex. “Just Say No”? SMH
Something tells me this gel will go a bit faster trough the trials than other gels.