When it comes to lager, it’s a matter of the colder the better. The trouble is, domestic fridges aren't very cold, and the alternative is either a cooler full of ice or a massive kegerator that’s more furniture than appliance. Last Friday, Heineken, in collaboration with Krups, unveiled its Sub beer dispenser in Amsterdam. Aimed at the at-home beer market, it combines compactness with some serious chill.

According to Heineken, the Sub is intended to “enable consumers to create the quality pour” at home. Designed by Marc Newson and engineered by Krups, it uses a proprietary mini-keg that fits snugly inside an airlocked cooling cylinder, where the brew is chilled to 2º C (35.6º F). Unlike a kegerator, this 412 x 503 mm (16.2 in x 19.8 in) unit has an anodized aluminum body weighing 6.8 kg (14.9 lb) and is designed to sit compactly on a home bar.

The key to the Sub system is the Torp, which is a 2-liter aluminum keg that is designed specifically to work with the Sub. The Torp holds about eight glasses of beer and can keep it fresh for 15 days after opening. Using the Sub’s website, Torps can be ordered online and delivered to your door where available. Heineken says that the first brands will include Heineken, Affligem, Desperados, Birra Moretti Baffo d'Oro with other brands to follow as well as seasonal beers.

In addition to the Sub, Marc Newson has designed optional extras including a full serving case, glassware, mats, and a skimmer. The Sub goes on the market in France and Italy in 2014 with a wider rollout to follow. No price has been listed.

The video below introduces the Sub

Source: Heineken

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