During an event at this year's Hello Wood International Summer University and Festival in rural Hungary, teams of students from around the world were tasked with building seven prototype cabins. The resulting dwellings range from a transportable cabin with wheels attached to its side, to a modular model that can be re-arranged into multiple layouts.

The main aim of the Hello Wood festival is to offer architecture students practical experience to supplement their theoretical classes. Participants in an event called Cabin Fever worked under architect supervision to learn how to apply tin roofing and insulation, as well as other construction techniques by building cabins inspired by the tiny house movement.

Below is a quick look at the seven cabins, but hit the gallery to see each one in full.

Cabin modules - iR arquitectura

Cabin modules, by iR arquitectura, is a primarily wood and polycarbonate cabin consisting of several modules, each one designed for different purposes. It includes a kitchen module as well as modules for bedrooms, communal areas, and a bathroom. The idea is, different combinations of these modules can be mixed and matched to create a cabin to suit anyone's needs.

Grand Cabin Club - Hello Wood

Hello Wood's Grand Cabin Club sleeps eight people, but can host up to 20 visitors for parties. Its classic A-frame design is meant to invoke nostalgia and was constructed using prefab wooden panels. It also boasts generous glazing to frame views of the surrounding countryside.

Hello Wool - AU Workshop + Marton Low

Hello Wool, by AU Workshop + Marton Low, is both clad and insulated with wool, and is envisioned as a retreat for use by just one person as a place of quiet reflection. Its furniture allows an occupant to either sit or lie down, and the tin-roofed building has been designed to ensure warm air escapes through a chimney-like vent, so the interior doesn't get too hot.

I am a monument - Josep Garriga + OfficeShophouse

Josep Garriga + OfficeShophouse repurposed an abandoned project from a previous Hello Wood festival with the I am a monument cabin. The wooden dwelling is raised on stilts and provides a shaded outdoor space on the ground. Its upper floor offers a private area suitable for rest and relaxation, while it's topped by a rooftop terrace.

Project Treehouse - frundgallina

The 12.5 m (41 ft)-tall Project Treehouse, by frundgallina, is a wooden triangular cabin that functions a little like a lighthouse. Occupants can place a light on the roof to signal to travelers that they are welcome to visit. Upper sections are accessed by ladder and include three hammock style sleeping spaces.

Project vertical cabin - H3T architekti

H3T architekti's Project vertical cabin has wheels affixed to its side to make it portable, though the roof is heavy and must be removed with a crane. It was made from recycled and scrap wood and other materials left behind by teams from previous years. The interior is very simple and has some basic furniture attached to the walls, ensuring it all remains in place when the cabin is moved.

Ziggurat Delivery - ZarCola

Ziggurat Delivery is made up of two stacked portable container-sized modules constructed from wood and thermal insulation panels. Its ground floor hosts communal activities like a kitchen and living area, while its upstairs includes bedrooms and is reached by ladder.

Source: Hello Wood

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