Hennessey doesn't have the engineering might of Bugatti behind it, but that hasn't stopped the tuners in Texas from developing cars capable of breaking speed records. The Venom F5 was first teased in 2014, with John Hennessey proudly proclaiming it would top 290 mph (467 km/h). Now, we have a shadowy first look at the finished product – and it looks mean.

But first, what's in a name? The F5 moniker might sound like a meaningless add-on to the existing Venom name, but it's actually a reference to the Fujita Scale for tornadoes. It's the highest, most powerful rating on the scale, and is applied to winds between 261 and 318 mph (420 and 512 km/h). The Venom F5 will have a top speed right in the middle of that range. Coincidence? Certainly not.

Hennessey is aiming directly at the Bugatti Chiron with the new Venom, make no mistake. There are no hard and fast numbers on power, but bigger turbochargers and upgrades to the intercooler should make for a power output around 1,400 hp (1,044 kW). The extensive use of carbon fiber will also help, with a target weight of about 1,300 kg (2,866 lb).

Last year, all we got was a render of the carbon fiber body. Now, Hennessey has seen fit to release a picture of the headlights breaking through the darkness, along with a video teaser outlining the company's history. Baby steps, right? As you might expect of a video from Texan tuners trying to create the fastest car in the world, it's full of fast cars and rock music. You can check it out below.

Source: Hennessey

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