For months there have been rumors surrounding the Bugatti Chiron with little to go by other than company statements reiterating an intent to continue to build the world's fastest cars. Those rumors can now be laid to rest – or firmly blasted into the stratosphere – with Bugatti formally introducing the 1500 hp Chiron to the world at the Geneva International Auto Show this week.

The company describes its latest creation as the ultimate super sports car, and for good reason. Intent on hitting the 1500 hp mark, Bugatti has boosted the power output of its familiar eight liter W16 engine by 25 percent. This is in concert with weight reduction measures such as using more titanium and carbon fiber in parts and systems like the intake tube and chain housing.

Critical to achieving the higher power is a two-stage turbo-charging system that features four large high performance turbo chargers and a duplex injection system with 32 injectors. Put your foot on the gas from a dead start, and only two of the four turbo chargers immediately kick in. Once you hit 3,800 rpms, the second set activates with the result being none of the lag time present in most turbo-charging systems, and more power than most drivers would know what to do with.

So how do those numbers translate? Bugatti doesn't look to be kidding when it says this is the fastest, most powerful production super sports car in the world. Besides that insane amount of horsepower, the Chiron produces 1,600 Nm (1180 lb. ft. ) of torque and will go from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in less than 2.5 seconds. Top speed is listed at 420 km/h (260 mph), but you need a separate key to put the car in the mode that will get you there. Otherwise, you can sit back and slide on up to 380 km/h (236 mph) in one of three other driving modes titled Auto, Autobahn and Handling.

With power comes heat, but heat is not a high performance engine's friend. Bugatti takes care of this with an improved cooling system that circulates 60,000 liters of air and 800 liters of water through the engine in one minute.

Improved stability, comfort and road handling are the result of the company's first ever use of an adaptive chassis and newly designed high performance tires created to safely transfer up to 5000 Nm (3688 lb. ft.) of torque per wheel to the road. An hydraulic diffuser and an adaptive rear spoiler add to the overall aerodynamics and road handling capability of the Chiron. Cornering at high speeds will evidently not be a problem.

At some point, you've got to bring all of that motion to a stop and to that end, Bugatti has fitted the Chiron with 8 piston calipers on 420 mm discs up front and 6 piston calipers on 400 mm discs in the rear. Again, this is bigger and better than the braking system the company used in the Veyron.

The inside of the Chiron is just as exquisite as the outside with more improved elements in the instrument cluster, the center console, and sound system. The latter makes this what Bugatti is calling "the world's fastest concert hall." The overall intent was to make everything easily accessible and usable for whoever is lucky enough to sit behind the wheel.

Bugatti says the Chiron has gone through extensive testing to meet the company's exacting standards. This included test rigs used by both the aerospace industry and military to ensure various aerodynamic, handling and electromagnetic capabilities of this true super sports car. This is all indicative of the company's form follows performance approach they took with this latest creation.

Of course, such performance and luxury doesn't come cheap or in mass quantities. Only five hundred Chirons will be made and sold at a price of €2,400,000 (US $2,612,000) with delivery expected later this year.

We can't wait to get a closer look at the Chiron in Geneva this week - stay tuned!

Source: Bugatti

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