If you commute on a nice bike, you not only have to worry about it being stolen, but you also have to guard against its components being pilfered while it's parked. In the past, we've seen systems that replace a bike's standard mounting bolts with ones that can only be removed using a special tool. Do you really want to replace all those bolts, though? That's where Hexlox comes in. It can simply be added to existing hex bolts, making them virtually unremovable by passing thieves.

The "lock" itself is a small metal insert that is placed inside the head of a regular hex bolt, blocking access by a hex wrench. Although it's held in there using a built-in magnet, magnetic shielding on its outside surface keeps it from being removed using another magnet.

In fact, apparently the only way of getting it out is to insert and twist an accompanying key. Each Hexlox set has its own unique key, so other users can't steal your parts. Should you lose that key, replacements can be ordered using an accompanying three-digit code.

The locks are being made in a variety of sizes, to fit different sizes of bolts. Magnetic adapters will be available for non-magnetic bolts, such as those made from titanium.

The system was designed by the folks at Sphyke, who previously brought us the C3N combination security skewers. They're now raising production funds for Hexlox on Kickstarter, where a pledge of €21 (about US$24) will get you a set with two locks for either your saddle or wheels. Other packages are available for higher amounts. If all goes according to plans, shipping should begin in June.

It's demonstrated in the following video.

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