Revox of Switzerland manufactures a wide range of audio equipment that implements functional technology into everyday items. Two of its more notable products are speakers designed to replace traditional ceiling lights and bass speakers that double as stylish leather seats.

Combining homogeneous ceiling design with high-end audio quality, the Re:sound I Z40 speakers are the result of collaboration between Revox and the Zumtobel lighting company. The Re:sound I Z40 fits perfectly with the Two Light Mini ceiling light from Zumtobel, and at a first glance it is difficult to determine whether it’s a speaker or a light in the ceiling. These speaker-lights can also be combined with a subwoofer to create a high quality audio system for larger rooms.

The Re:sound L Bass represents designer furniture with sound as it couples a stylish leather ottoman with high-end audio. When equipped with an optional cushion, it converts into a unique seat with sound. To match any lounge room, the Re:sound L Bass comes clad in leather in one of 20 different colors. Later this week, at IFA in Berlin, Revox plans to announce details of its new audio product – the Re:system M 100.

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