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High performance web search

High performance web search
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June 13, 2006 Search is the name of the game on the web these days because it’s where decisions get made about where to spend money – if you can control the space where the best informed (and hence most lucrative) decisions get made, then you win the game. Not surprisingly, as the amount of available relevant information (reports, research, emails, blogs, news stories, documents ad infinitum) continues to increase at a bewildering rate, our ability to make informed decisions is in danger of being overwhelmed (hands up all those who feel like that – see!!!!). Faced with this exponential expansion of information and information sources, how can anyone know with certainty that they have reviewed all available relevant information? Or uncovered the facts and relationships critical to sound decision-making? Insightful Corporation was this week issued a U.S. patent for the "Inverse Inference Engine for High Performance Web Search." The invention is designed to provide a faster and more scalable alternative for intelligent keyword search techniques. With this invention, Insightful calims users will realize a richer and more relevant search experience than traditional statistical keyword techniques. The invention is designed to enhance the end user's search experience by providing related and recommended options based on the user's query found within unstructured text such as web sites.

The development of the invention was supported in part by the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) and by the United States Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA).

"The next evolution in search will require enhancing the user's experience through the search engine's deeper understanding and cleaner presentation of context," said Ron Faith, vice president and general manager of Insightful's InFact. "We are excited that Insightful is at the forefront of this movement."

Giovanni Marchisio is the inventor of the inverse inference engine and the vice president of engineering of text analysis and search for Insightful's text analysis division. This division is responsible for the development, sale and support of InFact, an advanced search and text analysis system.

InFact delivers tools that enable decision makers to move beyond the limits of traditional text analysis and search technologies to unlock the meaning contained within textual information sources. Built to fully understand the syntax, semantics, and structure of every sentence it analyzes, InFact uses deep natural language processing to uncover relationships between facts and actions needed to make accurate, appropriate decisions.

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