High-tech tools for new dads

High-tech tools for new dads
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January 20, 2006 If there’s one thing more disconcerting than having to read the manual with a new product, its getting one that doesn’t come with a manual at all. As you’ve all no doubt twigged by now, the subject of this story is babies and as anyone who has had the privilege of being a parent will tell you, there are lots of times when a set of instructions would be incredibly handy. The GoodFather gift CD-ROM for new and expecting dads is basically a set of useful instructions for first time dads - an educational, game-like environment that really helps take the pressure off new dads when learning baby skills. So if you’re looking for a gift for a new or infanticipating male, this is something that could conceivably benefit several people through assisting a new father become an active and informed parent.

"It became obvious after talking to men about the gifts they received when becoming new fathers that there was a real need for an entertaining and informative gift that went beyond the traditional baby book," says Dr.MOZ president Jason Baxter

The GoodFather's three main features were designed for new dads by Dr.MOZ's collection of experienced fathers and grandfathers and then edited by licensed nurse-midwives to ensure the lessons and definitions were medically sound.

In addition to the searchable baby skills material, new dads are also provided with an interactive Baby Name Book which consists of an eclectic list of 15,000 names and naming tips. For dads needing help creating baby announcements, a point-and-click menu guides them through the Baby Card Maker which produces double fold and certificate style cards.

There’s also a GoodFather's New Dad community (AKA a forum).

The GoodFather CD-ROM is available to international shoppers through DueMaternity and to those in the US through the Dr. MOZ web site.

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