There are already lots of bike locks out there, plus there are plenty of brackets that let you hang your bike up against the wall, where it's out of the way. Hiplok's Airlok, however, combines the two in one device – so even if thieves get into your home or garage, your bike is still protected.

The idea behind the Airlok is that after it initially gets mounted on a wall, the bike's top tube is subsequently placed in the device's rubberized receptacle, and then the hardened steel locking pin is slid into place. When it's time to take the bike back out again, the user just releases the pin using their uniquely-coded key.

An impact-resistant outer body keeps thieves from simply unscrewing the whole kit and caboodle from the wall. According to Hiplok, the Airlok should be able to hold any weight of bike without coming loose, so long as it's installed on a masonry or concrete wall.

The UK-based company has turned to Kickstarter to finance production of the Airlok – a pledge of £99 (about US$131) will get you one, if everything goes according to plans. The estimated retail price is £130 ($172).

Source: Kickstarter

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