Last year we heard about Hiplok's Z Lok, a steel-cored zip-tie-style lock designed to temporarily secure your bike when you aren't going far away from it (such as when you stop at a sidewalk cafe). Now, Hiplok has improved upon it, with the Z Lok Combo.

One potential problem with the original Z Lok is the fact that it's opened with an included two-pronged key. That key is the same for all Z Lok owners – who might include bike thieves – so they could conceivably go around opening each other's locks.

By contrast, the Z Lok Combo is unlocked via a user-resettable three-digit combination. Additionally, it has a larger locking circumference than the original model, along with better cut resistance.

It should be in stores as of this month, priced at US$24.99.

Source: Hiplok

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