Designing real-life hobbit hole-style homes is already quite the architectural trend, so it makes sense that a tiny house builder might want to get in on the action. Incredible Tiny Homes recently put the finishing touches to a novel tiny house that, with its curved exterior and custom circular door, might not look too out of place in one of Peter Jackson's movies.

The Tiny Hobbit House on Wheels is based on a double axle, 20 ft (6 m)-long trailer and comprises a total floorspace of 160 sq ft (14.8 sq m). Its curved exterior features cedar shake siding and a curved roof, and access is gained by a custom hobbit-style circular door. The distinct lack of windows was a design choice specifically requested by the customer.

Inside, the tiny house is laid-out on one level, though there is also a small storage loft above the bathroom. The floors are decked in hardwood and the interior is split between a generously-proportioned kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, but no lounge space – again the customer's choice.

The kitchen includes a farmhouse sink, refrigerator, and propane-powered stove, while the bathroom has a large shower with dual shower heads, custom vanity sink, and a composting toilet. The bed has storage space underneath, which can be accessed by pulling out drawers and lifting it up on a hinge, like a camper van's rock and roll bed.

The Tiny Hobbit House on Wheels gets power from a standard RV hookup, while hot water comes from a tankless propane-powered water heater (a water tank is located in the storage box). The construction took around two weeks and the total cost came to US$35,000.

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