Lo-fi photography focuses on creative experiments with the use of inexpensive film cameras - like the Holga Twin Image Maker (TIM). This US$60 camera features double lenses to shoot either 3D images or half frames, allows for multiple exposure of a single frame and comes with a detachable flash with color filters.

Holga started to produce its low-cost cameras in 1980s. At first, they were aimed at the Chinese mass market but the low-cost cameras were soon adapted by photographers from around the world to become a part of a counterculture response to increasing perfection of digital photography and complexity of modern cameras. Lomography, utilizing Russian LOMO cameras, can also be considered as part of this lo-fi photography trend.

TIM's two fixed focus plastic lenses (f/8, 29 mm) can work simultaneously which results in 3D images, but the user has full control of opening and closing their covers, so 2D half-frames are also available. Combining these with multi-exposure button, bulb mode for long exposures and 5 flash covers (red, green, blue, yellow and one clear diffuser), gives lo-fi photography enthusiasts many possibilities with which to experiment.

Rotating the aperture wheel allows to adjust exposure choosing one of the three settings: cloudy, sunny or partly cloudy (f/8, f/11, f/22). The camera doesn't require any battery and you'll need two AA batteries to power the flash.

TIM is suitable for 35mm films with speeds from ISO 100 to 400. It is also compatible with shutter release cable, though it's not included. The camera is priced at US$60 for the camera with flash (US$50 without the flash) and it's sold through Photojojo store.

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