For the past 30 years, Hollywood has consistently struggled to depict computer hacking in accurate and exciting ways. The history of Hollywood and hacking is littered with lazy writing, absurdly unrealistic computer interfaces and stereotypical "nerd" characters. But in amongst the idiocy we've also seen certain films influencing governmental policy, inspiring entire sub-cultural identities and guiding mainstream attitudes around computer security.

Over the last couple of months we delved into the history of Hollywood and hacking decade by decade. Collected below is the full video series, spanning over 30 years and taking you from Wargames to Mr Robot. So sit back, grab a drink and enjoy our visual journey through some movies you'll definitely remember and some that may best be forgotten.

The 1980s: kid hackers, nerds and Richard Pryor

The 1990s: Techno, virtual reality and Steven Seagal's Apple Newton

The 21st Century: Real life hackers, computer punks and Hugh Jackman dancing

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