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Epson streaming projectors come with Yamaha-tuned audiophile sound

Epson streaming projectors com...
The Ultra LS300 (shown) is one of three EpiqVision laser projectors to go on sale from November
The Ultra LS300 (shown) is one of three EpiqVision laser projectors to go on sale from November
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The Ultra LS300 (shown) is one of three EpiqVision laser projectors to go on sale from November
The Ultra LS300 (shown) is one of three EpiqVision laser projectors to go on sale from November

Epson has launched three new EpiqVision laser projectors with integrated audio – one ultra-short-throw model and two minis. The LS300 UST and EF12 mini models come with integrated Yamaha audio and are ready to stream.

"Entertainment at home has never been more important and streaming movies, TV, gaming, and sports keeps getting bigger and bigger," said Epson America's Rodrigo Atalan. "With Epson EpiqVision we are bringing streaming directly to our projectors. And, with the EF12 and LS300 users can stream big, bright, beautiful content straight out of the box to enjoy all their favorite shows, movies and sports like never before. Before there was television and now there is Epson EpiqVision."

As its name suggests, the Ultra LS300 is the ultra-short-throw member of the family, and throws 120-diagonal-inch projections from 15.2 inches away from the wall, but can manage 61 inches from just an inch away. Color and white light output come in at 3,600 lumens, dynamic contrast of up to 1,500,00:1 is on offer, 10-bit color reproduction is reported and refresh rate is said to be 60 Hz.

It has built-in wireless connectivity and the latest Android TV interface for streaming content from Hulu, HBO, Disney+ and more, and comes with Chromecast cooked in for wirelessly casting smartphone or tablet content directly to the unit. Two HDMI ports are also available for cabling to a media source.

Epson partnered with Yamaha for its custom-designed 2.1 speaker system comprising two high-end Yamaha drivers and a woofer, which promises "to deliver a true audiophile performance." Users can also pair a music source with the projector over Bluetooth to use the device as a wireless speaker.

This model is priced at US$1,999.99, and there is the option to bundle the LS300 with one of Epson's SilverFlex Ambient Light Rejecting screens for picture quality that's said to rival that of leading televisions, but it will cost you an extra grand for a 100-inch screen and an extra two grand for a 120-inch screen. Ouch.

Both of the mini models can project up to 150-inch images on the wall, but will need to be positioned father away to do so – 88 inches in fact for the EF12 unit (the throw distance for the EF11 is not specified). The EF12 comes with built-in wireless connectivity, Android TV and Chromecast, but you'll need to cable up a streaming solution to the HDMI port of the EF11 to stream content.

The EF12 has also been treated to a Yamaha-designed sound system made up of two high-end drivers but no woofer, while the EF11 doesn't get benefit from the Yamaha collaboration and comes with one high-frequency speaker and a bass-reflex speaker.

The Mini EF12 carries a $999.99 price tag, and the EF11 will cost you $799.99.

All three models go on sale from next month.

Product pages: LS300, EF12, EF11

So, is it 4k picture, have dolby vision and how do you hook up to get sound to home theater system for surround sound???
The main model is 4k, the two minis only hd... If we were still in hd era I would do the mini...