If you're working from home, the first thing you need is a good environment in which to operate, whatever the task at hand may be. Lots of space isn't a must, but a solid desk, a comfortable chair, and a distinct lack of clutter are all necessities. Homework, by Slovakian designer Tomas Kral, is an attempt at marrying the need for practicality with the need for calm, cleanliness, and everything being in its right place.

Homework is a rectangular ash table with a difference. An over-sized sheet of cast aluminum is placed between the two layers of wood which make up the surface. The edges of the aluminum are folded to form a curved gutter running around three sides of the table. The gutter then becomes an extension of the table, which can be used as a toolbox to store items such as textbooks, documents, and photos.

Anything that you need to have close at hand but which you don't want cluttering up your immediate work space can be stored within easy reach, bringing some organization to the surrounding chaos. The Tambour Table provides a different solution to the same problem.

Homework measures 156 x 79 x 83 cm (61 x 31 x 33 inches). Each desk costs €2,980 (US$4,000), and is available to buy through a range of specialist retailers across Europe and beyond.

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