If you're a fan of all things Honda, then you're probably already aware of the Civic Type R, the fastest version of popular Civic. Well, today at the Geneva Motor Show, the automaker revealed a sneak peek of its vision for the 2015 model of the car, in the form of the Honda Civic Type R Concept.

Honda describes the concept as a "racing car for the road," as opposed to a high-performance version of a road car. That's reflected in the fact that much of its design was influenced by track testing of a prototype at Germany's Nürburgring Nordschleife motorsports complex.

Some of those track-inspired design features include a new shape and angle for the rear spoiler that provides additional downforce; air outlets on the hood and larger front grilles, for better cooling of the engine; wider front and rear fenders, to accommodate 20-inch tires; and, additional air outlets to facilitate better air flow. According to Honda, "When combined, these features deliver maximum cooling, greater grip and ultimately, optimum performance."

Although the vehicle on display is technically a concept, it has been confirmed that the production model will feature a 2-liter, direct injection, 4-cylinder VTEC TURBO engine. That powerplant will put out 280 PS (276 HP), and will comply with the Euro 6 emissions standard.

The 2015 Honda Civic Type R is scheduled to debut in Europe next year. Pricing and other details, such as performance figures, have yet to be announced.

Source: Honda

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