The Honda Civic Type R is already one of the most visually arresting cars on the auto show circuit, and now it's also one of the most visually arresting ... pickup trucks. Designed by the engineers at the Honda of the UK Manufacturing (HUM) plant in Swindon, the little Type R pickup has the attitude of Honda's most aggressive Civic with the utility of a (tiny) pickup truck. It won't be the most productive truck at the construction site, but what it lacks in full-size pickup payload, it makes up for in get up and go.

Apparently just giving a Ridgeline the Type R treatment would have been too mundane for the folks at Honda. Instead, a specialist team within the HUM's Product Engineering department took on a mad science experiment nearly as bizarrely awesome as the Nissan Juke R.

The Civic Type R Pickup Truck concept – or Project P, as it's known internally – started life as a basic pre-production Civic Type R before Honda's team of car surgeons peeled away the upper bodywork from the B-pillars back. They pulled out the rear seats and trunk trim, dropping in a diamond-plated utility bed and roll cage with auxiliary lights.

Of course, the team had to keep the Type R's signature wing intact, so instead of pulling it off to slot the tailgate in, they worked around it, putting the tailgate below. Instead of dropping down like a regular pickup tailgate, this one swings upward, wing and all.

To finish things off, the team slapped an eye-popping shade of Rallye Red on to give its pickup creation the look of unfettered speed.

Honda believes the Type R Pickup could very well be among the fastest pickups on UK roads and estimates a 165 mph (266 km/h) top speed and sub-6-second 0-62 mph (100 km/h) time. Those figures are quite near the stock Civic Type R's numbers, and the truck variant uses the same 320-hp 2.0-liter VTEC turbo and six-speed manual transmission. Also untouched are the suspension and driving mode trio of Comfort, Sport and +R.

"We are even considering taking it to the Nurburgring to see if we can take the record for the fastest front wheel drive pickup truck," says Alyn James, project lead.

We probably don't need to say it, but you can pretty much forget about a production version of this fast but marginally useful pickup car. Phil Webb, Honda UK head of car, has already confirmed that there are no production plans for the special project.

Source: Honda UK

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