Honda NSX Police Car

Honda NSX Police Car
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September 11, 2004

We've covered some exotic police cars in Gizmo, such as the Lamborghini Gallardo and the Dodge Magnum SXT, but the unveiling of a Honda NSX in police livery has added weight to the trend.

The car was exhibited by Avon and Somerset Police in the UK at a car show and drew some interesting responses from the punters. Though not as fast as the aforementioned Gallardo, the NSX is in much the same league, wth a top speed around 300kmh, so it doesn't really matter much what you're driving, they'll keep up if they want to.

The NSX was one of the more unusual police patrol cars on display, designed to draw the crowd's attention. The hook worked with crowds of people sometimes 10 deep. This enabled the police to drive their "safer driving" and "theft prevention" messages home.

But the NSX did not only gain fans from the enthusiasts. The officers who drove the vehicle to the event fell in love with it as well. One claimed it was the best they had ever driven - another threatened not to give it back!

Superintendent Lawrie Lewis commented: "Many thanks to Honda for the loan of the NSX. It was a real showstopper and a great asset to us in delivering our casualty and crime reduction messages. I don't think we could afford one on our regular fleet but if Honda could see their way to lending us one then I'm confident we would give it a loving home."

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