Honda is showing concept vehicles in Tokyo that are based on the same electric vehicle technology platform. The Honda Sports EV Concept features a throwback look, and the Urban EV Concept features the future of what Honda will aim for in EV design. The latter will become a production model.

The Honda Sports EV Concept combines electric vehicle (EV) performance with artificial intelligence (AI). The look of the Sports EV is great, though, harkening back to the days when itty-bitty sports cars were plentiful and fun. The concept has design elements that could be from a modernized AMC Javelin or the tiny S800 Sports Coupe Honda put out in the 1960s. The Sports EV Concept likely owes a lot to that S800, in fact, and appears to be about that same size when presented with a Honda executive standing next to it.

Outside of that information and the vague announcement that the Sports EV's AI would be called the Honda Automated Network Assistant to "create communication that unites driver and car," we don't have much else to go on with the little Sports EV Concept. The video at the bottom of this helps visualize the car, which would share a platform with the production model of the upcoming Urban EV.

The Urban EV Concept (pictured above) was unveiled in Frankfurt earlier this year and is set for production in 2019 or 2020 in Europe and Japan. We get a little more about the Honda AI system from that car, which is meant to learn about the driver's habits and expectation, acting as a sort of in-car concierge.

In keeping with Honda's theme for auto shows this year, the details are light and the excitement is huge. All we can say is: Go ahead, Honda. Bring on your EVs.

Source: Honda

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