Honda survey reveals what children want from cars

Honda survey reveals what children want from cars
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November 21, 2004 Adults may dismiss flying cars as the stuff of science fiction, but for children, according to a new survey released by Honda, only a flying car will do. Gizmag readers, of course, know that such vehicles are already in development and that by the time many of the children surveyed here are old enough to drive, flying cars will be a common sight.

When Honda's UK arm conducted the survey, which asked children: "If your car could do anything, what would it do?" an overriding number (43%) wanted it to be able to fly.

The company commissioned the survey into what children expect as it launched the new family-friendly Honda FR-V.

Over 400 children, 90% of whom were under the age of 10, gave some fascinating insights into the next generation of standard specifications.

Second to flying was for the car to be able to drive itself (28%) - this not so distant reality would no doubt win approval from many of the time starved commuters doing battle with the rush hour traffic on a daily basis.

Some of the more "off the wall" responses included the car having a "warp drive" or the ability to "kick Mum and Dad out".

When it came to driving, children just want to do it themselves: 28% believe this would make the journey more fun, second only to playing music as loud as they wanted (some things never change).

Milkshake makers, a car swimming pool, computer games and the ability to see out of the front window also rated a mention.

The last point is extremely important to Honda. The FR-V has a 6-seat configuration in two rows of three - which means little Johnny will be able to sit in the front with Mum and Dad.

He may not be able to eject them, but by feeling more involved in the journey Honda are hoping he may not quite feel the need to.

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