Given the limited battery range of electric cars, they're typically used as around-town vehicles. With that in mind, do you really need a big, fast, expensive Tesla? If you don't think so, then perhaps Hover-1's Aero may be more to your liking. The company is also offering an electric motorbike.

Considered a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (and legally classified as we're not sure what), the three-wheeled, single-seated and fully-enclosed Aero has a 1,500-watt motor that takes it to a top speed of 30 mph (48 km/h). One 8-hour charge of its battery should reportedly be good for a range of up to 43.5 miles (70 km).

It's steered via scooter-like handlebars, and features full lighting and sound systems, heating/air conditioning, a rear back-up camera, a reverse button, an electric horn and an anti-theft alarm. There's also a bit of cargo space behind the seat, where you could stash a bag or two of groceries.

Commuters who like getting the wind in their hair and bugs in their teeth might instead prefer Hover-1's Dragonfly electric motorcycle.

It likewise comes equipped with a 1,500-watt motor, although it has a slightly higher top speed of 34 mph (55 km/h) and a shorter range of 35 miles (56 km) per 6-hour charge. Some of its doo-dads include a radio with a Bluetooth audio system, USB charging ports, full lighting, a lock box and security system.

Both vehicles are currently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. If you're interested in the Aero, a pledge of US$5,000 will get you one if all goes according to plan, with the retail price sitting at $6,000. The Dragonfly can be had for a $2,500 pledge – again, assuming everything works out – or $3,000 if you wait to buy it retail.

Check out the video below, to see them in use.

UPDATE (Nov. 1/18): It was earlier brought to our attention that the Aero is very similar to an EV already being sold in China and other markets. A PR rep has told us: "Jiaxing Xuanhe Machinery Co is the factory that manufactures Hover-1's products, the two have been working together for two years to develop Aero and Dragonfly for the US market. Aero has DOT certification for US compliance and has different tires, brakes, motor, added turn signals, side mirrors, plus UL testing of the charger, reduced charge times, and incorporated UL-approved batteries."

Source: Indiegogo

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