Want to be the envy of everyone on the golf course without actually improving your golfing skills? Then you just need to ride out onto the green in the BW1, the world's first hovercraft golf cart.

Pro golfer Bubba Watson teamed up with Oakley to produce the eye-catching cart, who then enlisted the help of Chris Fitzgerald, president of Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc., for the actual construction.

The final result is basically a hovercraft outfitted with some features lifted from a typical golf cart, including a canopy, sand bottle holders, and a space to hold clubs. Aside from the stylish design, the new cart also provides a much smoother ride and can float over any terrain while barely leaving a mark. It can even glide over water hazards and sand traps, though your fellow golfers probably won't appreciate the debris it kicks up if they're nearby.

Sadly, no plans have been mentioned to distribute any more hover-carts, so regular golf carts will have to suffice for other golfers right now.

Check out the video below to see how the BW1 hovercraft golf cart handles on both land and water.

UPDATE: Neoteric has confirmed to us that Bubba Watson's golf cart was built around its Hovertrek model of light hovercraft with only some cosmetic additions. According to specifications on the company website, the Hovertrek is a gasoline-powered vehicle that can remain in motion for 3.4 hours on a single tank, while consuming 3.5 gal/hr (13.3 l/hr) - and likely produces more distracting noise than a standard electric cart.

Source: YouTube