Although the wilds of Red Dead Redemption 2 are crawling with critters to hunt for food, sport and gear, the Legendary Animals are the most elusive, most challenging, and most rewarding. Here, we'll run through how to find and hunt the Legendary Fox – and what to do with its pelt.

The Legendary Fox can be found around Mattock Pond, which is just north of the town of Rhodes, in Scarlett Meadows, Lemoyne. Like the other Legendary beasts, just look for the drawing of the animal with a crown above it to find its territory.

Before you leave your horse, make sure you're packing a weapon that deals a decent amount of damage, and is good at long range – sniper rifles are a good bet. Unlike regular animals, you can't ruin a legendary pelt by riddling it with bullets, so go nuts.

If you're venturing up from Rhodes, the first clue you'll find is a pile of fox dung in a small valley just before the woods. As usual, enter Eagle Eye mode (press the two thumbsticks in, on both PS4 and Xbox One) and look for the glowing cloud of particles.

Once there, it's easy to pick up the trail, and follow it into the woods. It'll lead you down the valley and up the other side, past broken sticks and fox fur – but if you want to save yourself some trouble (spoiler alert), the fox itself is milling about off to your left.

Hang back, move slowly and keep an eye out for it. It's fairly small and low to the ground, of course, and while you might be looking for a classic red animal, this one-of-a-kind fox happens to be a pale white color.

Unlike some of the more aggressive legendaries, the fox's main defense is its speed – spook it and it'll take off before you can fire a shot. Luckily, it doesn't have much health, so one or two well-placed shots with a decent weapon will be enough to bring it down.

If it flees, you can chase after it and keep trying. The creature seems to have a habit of doubling back for some reason, giving you another chance at it. If it does escape, you can always come back in a few (in-game) days and try again – or just reload a save, if you're feeling lazy.

The fox is dead – now what?

Once the fox is down, approach the body – if you lose it in the underbrush, look for the little crown symbol on your map – and skin it. You've got yourself a Legendary Fox pelt, partner!

Once you load it up on your horse, take it to a Trapper to make special clothing. The nearest one is east of you, in Saint Denis. Selling the pelt to the guy only nets you a measly $22, but it unlocks the Legendary Fox Moccasins and the Legendary Buck & Fox Range Gloves.

That said, you'll also need a perfect elk pelt to make the shoes, and the Legendary Buck Belt for the gloves, so get huntin'!

You'll also get a fox claw from the carcass, which you can take to a Fence location. Conveniently, there's one just south of you, near Rhodes. There, the shady businessman will make you a Fox Claw Trinket, which will permanently add five seconds to your Dead Eye duration.

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