The Boulder Breaker is a high-durability, two-handed weapon with 60 attack points – and its super handy for fighting stone enemies like the Stone Talus, and smashing ore deposits. Here's how to get one.

You'll get your first Boulder Breaker after capturing the Divine Beast Vah Rudania on Death Mountain. If you've already got one, you can stop dreading the fact it's going to break eventually - because it's one of the rare weapons in the game which you can have made again...for a price. Just find Rohan the blacksmith in the left area of Goron City.

What you need to get another Boulder Breaker

  • 1 Cobble Crusher
  • 5 pieces of flint
  • 1 diamond

Thankfully there's a Cobble Crusher lying around in Goron City. Find Bludo in the center of the city, and head right from his house. The next house up the road has one resting against the side of it.

Haven't found a diamond yet? Here's how to get one.

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