How to stop the neighbour's dog from barking

How to stop the neighbour's dog from barking
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August 18, 2005 The bark stops here! Variety International announced today the long awaited release of their new pet product, the K9 Kalmer. This is the only anti-barking device on the market that does not use pain or irritation to alter a dog's behavior. What makes the device unique is that it uses proprietary ultrasonic musical compositions -- songs that are inaudible to humans to calm anxious pets. Specifically, the K9 Kalmer was designed to stop irritating dog barking. "Dog ownership in residential communities is at an all time high," claims company president Jim Wessling. "That translates to a high nuisance factor as it relates to dog barking and the disturbance of the peace and quiet we have come to cherish in our neighborhoods."

Wessling adds, "What I liked about this product from the start, was the way the apparatus worked. It uses pleasure, not punishment to control barking. Most devices on the market use shock or noxious sounds or even chemical sprays to try to change an animal's behavior.

"We love dogs and would never have developed a solution which caused an animal to suffer in anyway," he said. "The K9 Kalmer simply plays a series of doggie songs to calm the dogs and stop the barking. You might call these melodies the top ten canine hits."

The K9 Kalmer is not only for pet owners but for irritated neighbors as well. It is easy to use and if instructions are followed properly, the barking will be dramatically reduced if not eliminated all together within just a few days. "It's time to take back our once quiet neighborhoods," adds Wessling, "but let's be humane."

The K9 Kalmer has also been very effective in cases where dogs are left at home during the day while their human friend is at work, by considerably reducing the dog's related stress.

Jason Macek
Or you could teach your neighbors do to stop barking on cue.. I found this article that teaches you how:
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The Buffalo NBC affiliate, WGRZ TV this morning previewed the device called bark off or bark buster with one of their viewers and bark off sounds promising check out the news coverage (make sure you watch the video also where they demonstrate the device)
Peter Edwards
Yapping dogs are one of the most irritating things imaginable, their owners obviously have no respect for anyone elses feelings, someone should invent a gizmo that instantly silences dogs within a 500 metre radious. I would buy one of those !!!