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HTC EVO 4G coming to Sprint's WiMAX network in summer

HTC EVO 4G coming to Sprint's WiMAX network in summer
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It's one thing to build a 4G network, but it's another thing entirely to offer a drool-worthy 4G handset that can make the most of it - and Sprint has delivered a real doozy with the HTC EVO 4G.

Starting with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and Android 2.1, HTC added a whopping 4.3-inch (800x480) capacitive display with tactile feedback, WiMAX (4G) capability for an average download speed of 3-6 Mbps, Bluetooth 2.1 with stereo A2DP and EDR, 1GB ROM and 512MB RAM, an 8GB microSD card with support for microSDHC cards of up to 32GB, HDMI output, and - get this - an 8-megapixel camera with auto-focus, dual LED flash, and 720p video capture and a 1.3 megapixel forward-facing camera.

On the software side, there's visual voicemail, Flash support, browser pinch-to-zoom with automatic text reflowing, the latest HTC Sense UI with Friend Stream which aggregates your social networks into one stream, and the real killer app - a built-in mobile hotspot to share your connection with up to eight devices.

No word on price yet, but we're guessing it's not going to be cheap.

To find out if Sprint offers 4G service in your area, head over to Developers who want to build apps that utilize the unique features in the EVO 4G, like the front-facing camera and HDMI output, should head over to

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