We've seen helmets with built-in HUD (head up display) tech before, but what if you already have a perfectly good helmet that you don't want to get rid of? Well, that's where the Hudway Sight system may come in handy.

The battery-powered setup consists of a mounting bracket that can be attached to an existing motorcycle, bicycle or auto racing helmet, along with a mini projector/lens unit that magnetically snaps onto that bracket, and a control unit that is mounted on the back of the helmet.

The control unit is synced via Bluetooth to the user's smartphone, and wirelessly relays app data from that phone to the projector. Utilizing a technology known as waveguide optics, the projector in turn displays information on the tempered glass lens, which is located in front of the user's right-hand eye.

Because the lens is transparent, the user is still able to see the road ahead through it, but also sees the projected information overlaid on top. Both the road and the display are simultaneously in focus, so the wearer doesn't have to shift their eye-focus between the two.

As is the case with other helmet HUD systems, the type of information displayed could include things like current speed/distance travelled, simple maps with navigational arrows, or notifications of received text messages. If used with a third-party Bluetooth headset, users could also control apps (such as music players) via voice commands aided by onscreen displays.

Battery life is claimed to be up to five hours per charge.

If you're interested, Hudway Sight is demonstrated in the video below, and is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of US$499 will get you a system, when and if they reach production – plans call for a retail price of $849. That said, potential backers might also want to check out the already-crowdfunded Nuviz system.

Hudway, incidentally, previously brought us a dash-mounted HUD unit for driving.

Source: Kickstarter

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