Electric skateboards offer a unique, fun way for urban dwellers to carve up the streets. Evolve was one of the first companies to nail the e-board formula, but there are plenty of competitors trying to carve a niche with their own blend of style, range and performance. Huger Tech is getting into the game with a trio of smart, attractive boards in a range of sizes.

Two dominant approaches have emerged since the conception of electric skateboards: hub motors and outrunner motors. Hub motors are housed within the wheel, while outrunners sit behind (or above) the wheels and drive them using belts. Evolve uses the latter – arguing they're easier to maintain and offer better performance – while Huger has opted for the former.

Although they all use hub motors, the performance on offer in the three different Huger Tech boards varies wildly. The entry-level Classic makes use of a single motor and is good for a top speed of 15 mph (24 km/h) and 8.5 mi (14 km) of range. The motor is actually set up for minimal resistance, which means it should feel natural to push like a non-electric board.

Jumping up to the Travel board brings another motor to the party, upping the top speed to 20 mph (32 km/h) and the range to 22 mi (35 km). The board can tackle a 20 percent gradient, and gains top-mounted LED lights for GPS navigation so riders don't have to pull out their phone and stare at a map. Like the Classic, it also gets LED head- and taillights to improve nighttime visibility.

Those concerned with outright pace will want the Racer Longboard, though, with its 25 mph (40 km/h) top speed and ability to tackle 25 percent inclines. Range does fall ever so slightly, although 20 mi (32 km) is still nothing to be sniffed at. Although it does get LED lights for safety, there are no GPS assist lights atop the deck.

All three boards are IPX6 waterproof rated, and all three have removable batteries that can be swapped out without tools. Although their range pales in comparison to the massive 31 mi (50 km) on offer in the latest Evolve boards, the ability to change batteries on the fly goes some way to making up for that fact.

Swappable batteries aren't the only area where Huger wants to get the jump on its rivals. The boards connect with a smartphone app using Bluetooth for ride tracking, changing the color on the under-deck lighting and tweaking the horn sounds. Monolith also has a companion app capable of remotely jamming the wheels, so it will be interesting to see if the Huger system will offer the same anti-theft functionality.

At the moment, the Huger team is seeking funding for its skateboards on Indiegogo. Early backers will be able to reserve a Classic board for US$299 or, when the early specials run out, $399. Reserving a Racer will cost backers $599 or $899 depending on how early they pledge on Indiegogo, while the Travel is worth $499 for early birds or $699 for regular backers.

The three boards will retail from $499, $1,199 and $899, respectively, when they hit the market.

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