When I was young I had a tall, wiry friend we nicknamed ‘the Human Antenna’. Now anyone, regardless of height, can rival my friend just by walking on a unique carpet recently created by Swiss designer Florian Kräutli. The carpet appears to be a typical modern rug and would look at home in most abodes, except that is has one unusual hi-tech feature - this white carpet is also a radio.

The carpet is constructed of looms from conductive thread and capable of transforming into an antenna. The carpet picks up the radio waves which the body receives, and makes them audible. To change a radio frequency you just walk on a carpet or sit or stand in a different position. The video below shows the range of signals the carpet attracts - from soft static to louder static - so I’m not sure the concept is ready for the mass market just yet, but the potential is there.

In the meantime, the carpet could be useful as a good variation on the popular ‘Twister’ game – first one to contort into a position that attracts a recognizable radio station wins. Hours of fun for the entire family or a few drunken friends? I’m not sure Kräutli had this in mind when he designed the floor covering.

But for those who like to entertain, it’s a great way of ensuring your house has the potential to deliver wall-to-wall sound.

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