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October 29, 2005 We have a dashboard on our car which reads the vital data continuously, and we get hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reports on our investments and companies, yet the workplace is still largely devoid of effective, monitorable indicators of human performance. Edolution Software’s flagship product ePerformance Guide software is a feature rich product that is inclusive of three main modules: Employee Performance Appraisal, 360 Degree Feedback and eSurvey, an online survey tool. EPG allows employers and employees to communicate and implement the review process in an efficient and expedient manner necessary to be competitive in the 21st Century. EPG supports SMART methodology (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Framed) setting cascading objectives, allowing multiple action items and target dates for each objective and success factors to align employee’s goals and objectives with corporate goals and strategies. EPG provides master libraries of objectives and success factors with a powerful search engine that also allows clients to create their own searchable custom libraries at both corporate and employee levels. The use and reuse of these libraries fosters a superior knowledge of expectations by encouraging common terminology and reduces the amount of time reentering data while increasing productivity.

Ebad Mobaligh, CEO of Berkeley based Edolution Software, stated, “As a functional and technical analyst in the Human Resource industry I have witnessed management’s struggles with the process of employee performance reviews. Either they did not have a review process in place or their existing system could not support their process without a great deal of customization. We are offering corporate America a revolutionary product that will not only allow them to create an efficient process, but can also automate any existing process.”

ePerformance Guide provides managers and HR staff members with powerful employee grouping capabilities. By automatically generating employee groups based on up to 50 customizable fields such as Department, Job Title, PT/FT status, Division, Subsidiary, etc., objectives and success factors can be mass assigned with just a few key strokes. Along with the many other value added features of EPG, this particular feature also presents users with limitless reporting potential.

President and Chief Technology Officer David Zilka was quoted as saying, “We are putting powerful tools in the hands of corporate management at all levels of the organization.” Zilka also stated that, “EPG is a product with the required feature sets and flexibility to be a value to both employer and employee. The combination of interaction and feedback from all aspects of a company’s operations can be compiled and customized to give the up to date reporting analysis necessary to stay competitive and informed.”

From writing performance reviews to providing employees with meaningful feedback EPG enables employers to be more proactive in managing their employees. With the combined strength of using the eSurvey Module, Appraisal Module and 360 Degree Feedback, ePerformance Guide incorporates three modules into one for a complete solution. The powerful text editing capabilities utilize the technology from ActivSoftware the premium provider of on line web based text formatting. The combination of ActivSoftware’s tools titled ActivEdit and ActivSpell provides a spell checking tool with superior text formatting.

The Dashboard functionality presents users with a wide area view of the application as it relates directly to them in one simple fully customizable window. It lets them effortlessly move between the different functions of the system. Combined with the intuitive user interface, EPG is a breeze to work; a short on-line questionnaire makes this product fully customizable to fit the specific needs of any organization.

The 360 Degree Feedback module allows employees and managers to nominate other employees for their manager to request feedback. Managers can also nominate other employees to request feedback on their employees. In addition to requesting feedback in the format of free text, managers will be able to select from a library of surveys / questionnaires. The eSurvey Module is uniquely designed allowing users to create their own custom surveys. Users can define survey questions, select from a library of multiple choice answers (i.e., Yes/No, Agree/Disagree, 10 point scales, etc), or create their own multiple choice answers. The module accommodates free form text answers as well. Understanding the value of surveys, EPG supports the user’s ability to survey their own clients, potential clients, business partners or any individual with an email address.

The Reports Wizard provides a sophisticated, yet easy to use tool that allows those with permission to either select from a vast library of delivered reports, or build custom reports on virtually any information in the system. Such powerful tools provide management with strong invaluable analytical capabilities to make better informed and strategic decisions and align employees with objectives and goals that help them reach their highest potential.

EPG is designed to work in every industry and market building an alignment between corporate and individual goals. Edolution Software provides Priority Support, Consulting Services and Training for all licensed users under the umbrella of a full software service solution model, thereby addressing user requirements at a personalized level.

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