April 17, 2008 The Hurphy Durphy Seat Belt Buckle Guard is a simple safety device that helps to keep capsules or infant seats anchored securely in the car by preventing accidental release of a seat belt.

Kids, pets and general back-seat chaos can cause the accidental release of seat belt buckles and busy parents might not immediately see this when placing their child in a capsule or infant seat. The Hurphy Durphy solves this problem in the form of a black neoprene sleeve that wraps around the seat belt buckle with heavy-duty Velcro, ensuring it is totally secured. The Guard fits both front release and top opening seat belt buckles.

The Australian invention is the work of company founder Imogen Mirmikidis. Inspired by a "frightening moment" when her own baby’s car seat was accidentally unbuckled by a back-seat passenger, and unable to find a product to address this weak link in child-restraint safety, Mirmikidis set about creating her own solution. A home-made prototype was followed by more than three years of research, development and testing before the current design was arrived at.

The Hurphy Durphy Seat Belt Buckle Guard retails for AUD$29.95 (around US$27) plus shipping and is available online with shipping worldwide, or through selected retailers in Australia. See the Hurphy Durphy site for details.