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Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond sewing machine

Husqvarna Viking Designer Diam...
Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond
Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond
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Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond
Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond

June 18, 2008 With a name suggesting it could conquer all, the Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond is a sewing and embroidery machine for high-end sewing enthusiasts. According to Husqvarna Viking, it offers the largest and brightest, interactive VGA touch screen available in the sewing industry.

Designed to cut down on work time and provide a huge range of application options, the Designer Diamond offers the ability to create, view and customize embroidery designs in detail using the touch screen. Using your finger or a stylus, you can command the machine to automatically embroider a creation on the largest sewing and embroidery surface available (embroideries up to 360x350mm/1.42x1.37”). The large area means sewers are no longer limited to smaller projects and the hassle of constant re-hooping is removed. Embroidery designs can be enlarged or reduced, moved and combined, accurately positioned on fabric and at the same time viewed in 3D realism in true colors via the screen.

By using the Sewing Advisor feature, the machine instantly selects the best stitch and settings for the type and weight of fabric being sewn, and recommends the presser foot, needle and more for successful sewing. The Automatic Jump Stitch Trim feature automatically trims jump stitch threads while embroidering, saving time and ensuring a stitch is never out. Additionally, a sensor system automatically lowers the presser foot when you start to sew to ensure an even-feed of any fabric and/or batting. The machine comes programmed with more than 1,100 stitches and lettering, plus hundreds of embroidery designs. Users can also purchase additional 4D Embroidery Software for an extra dimension.

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