A fun-loving camper van with a fun-loving name, the Hymercar Free is the perfect camper van for buddies looking to hit the open road to travel, surf, bike, climb or ski. The available individual-bed layout ensures each and every one has his or her own space to sleep. The Free is also ideal for couples and families, whether journeying out for a weekend or weeks on end. Either group will appreciate the flip-away rear bed, central bathroom and fully equipped kitchen.

Though Hymer was busy directing attention toward its latest Sprinter camper vans and small motorhomes at this year's Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, the Fiat Ducato-based Free caught our attention just as easily with its bright badging and versatile interior. The sporty camper van comes in three floor plans, measuring 541 to 599 cm (213 to 236 in) in total length.

Hymercar has designed the Free as an "all-rounder" aimed at youthful buyers new to camper van living. The new van is meant for both touring highways and byways and wandering to the trailhead or waterside to hike, surf, bike or climb to your hearts' content.

A key component of the Free's versatile nature is the flip-away rear bed included in all three floor plans. Quickly fold the center of the bed to the side and you have plenty of central cargo space for long and/or tall gear like bicycles, skis and boards. Mounting eyelets on the floor and sides help keep the equipment secure during the ride.

If that load area gets you dreaming about heading toward the horizon with a surf or ski buddy or two (or three), you'll want to zero in on the 599-cm (236 in)-long 602 floor plan. This variant comes standard with two single beds mounted longitudinally at the rear and can be optionally equipped with a convertible dinette for a third single bed. So unlike a lot of two-sleeper camper vans, you don't have to snuggle up in the same bed as your buddy after a long, sweaty day of tangling with Mother Nature. In place of the convertible third bed, you can also opt for a pop-up roof with 200 x 135-cm (79 x 53-in) double bed, making the Free 602 a four-sleeper.

The Free 540 and 600 models are likely to appeal more to couples and families. The 600 measures the same 599 cm as the 602, but ditches the dual beds in favor of one 196 x 152-cm (77 x 60-in) transverse double bed inside the rear load doors. The 540 fits a smaller 196 x 132-cm (77 x 52-in) transverse double bed at the rear of its shorter 541-cm footprint. Both models are well-suited to traveling couples, and buyers can make either a four-berth family affair by adding the optional pop-up roof with bed.

Whichever floor plan you choose, the Free makes for a comfy, functional living space, packing in a kitchen with dual-burner gas stove, sink, compressor refrigerator and expandable countertop. The central bathroom has a cassette toilet, sink, and faucet/shower head that can be used inside or pulled outside through the bathroom window for use as an outdoor shower. The taps are fed by a 100-L fresh water tank and a Truma Combi 4 LCD hot water boiler that's also an interior air heater. A 100-L waste water tank catches the flow on the other side.

The Free dining area includes a table with swing-out extension, dual-seat rear bench and driver cab swivel seats. The optional convertible transverse bed measures 182 x 101 cm (72 x 40 in).

Other features shared across floor plans include a 95-Ah auxiliary battery, dual gas bottle cabinet, and LCD heat control with iNet readiness (for wireless app control). The 600 comes standard with a standing height 90-L compressor fridge, while both the 540 and 602 have an indoor/outdoor-access 65-L model.

Prior to bringing them along to Düsseldorf, Hymercar introduced the Free 540 and 600 at the CMT show earlier in 2018 and added the 602 a few months later. The 540 starts at €41,490 (approx. US$47,290), while both the 600 and 602 start at €42,490 (US$48,425). The pop-up roof with bed adds another €3,490 ($3,975).

All three models are based on a front wheel-drive Ducato with standard 114-hp 2.0-liter Multijet engine, electronic stability control, hill start assist, daytime running lights, and driver and passenger airbags. Available Ducato upgrades include engine options up to 177 hp, ParkPilot and LED daytime running lights.

Source: Hymer

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