The first thing that gets tired when I take my two Border Collies for their morning walk is my arm – from repeatedly throwing a tennis ball for them. I used a tennis racket once but after two hits the ball was in someone else’s backyard, lost forever. Try explaining that to two ball-crazy canines. But relief for people like me – owners of dogs with boundless energy but blessed with a poor throwing arm - thanks to the Hyperdog 4-Ball Launcher.

This ball launcher is a powerful slingshot device that holds four tennis balls in a rack below the handle. The makers say it will fire a ball up to 200ft – which is bound to exhaust even the fittest dog after a few fetches (without you having to move from your vantage point).

The Ball Launcher also allows users to pick up dog spit-soaked ball hands-free (bonus) which makes using it even more enjoyable.

And if your mutt gets miffed at the new exercise routine, hey you can always fire off the excess balls at the local graffiti artist or that junk mail distributor who ignores the sign on your letterbox.

In safe hands, the Dog Tennis Ball Launcher is a great exercise tool for your dog and is available online for around US$32.50.

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