Handset manufacturer i-mate’s 810-F is so tough the company has given it a lifetime year-on-year warranty. That’s because it has already put the 810-F through a grueling set of tests and trials, including running a car over it, immersing it in all kinds of fluids, kicking it, dropping it, baking it, freezing it and even calling it bad names – and yet the device continues to work. I-mate says the 810-F has even passed the rigors of US Military toughness specifications (standards as referenced for impact resistance, crush force, submersion, rain/mist/salt, fog, dust ingress, and vibration).

Think of a challenge for the 810-F and it has probably already passed it, which makes it ideal for mere mortals such as contractors on work sites, outdoor adventurers like hikers, skiers and surfers – and basically anyone who has found that off-the-shelf handsets are too easily damaged.

The i-mate 810-F is also handy if you have inquisitive toddlers who love to see if a handset will swim in the toilet or the pool, or want to cover it with food or paint or other less appealing substances.

Developer Jim Morrison says that the handset comes with a lifetime warranty against damage, as long as it’s serviced annually (US$150) and for that you’ll get an instant “quibble-free” replacement.

Another benefit of the i-mate 810-F is that it comes with the company’s own Solutions IQ, a unique software developed by i-mate that secures, configures and updates your phone.

Each handset comes pre-loaded with Active Sync, Scheduling, Internet Explorer, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Microsoft Office Mobile, and Notes. It has a sealed, backlit QWERTY keyboard, an omni directional speaker and a 2MP camera.

Benefits with the I-mate Premier Customer program (available free to purchasers of the handsets) include a replacement 810-F if yours is lost or stolen, delivered to your door; a hot swap for your handset if it breaks, delivered to your door; access to Secure I-Q so you can lock/wipe and alarm your 810-F if it’s ever lost or stolen. There are also complimentary software and upgrades and live support online available 24/7.

The unit weighs 150g and measures 111mm (L) x 66mm (W) x 15.5mm (T) and is available at many retail outlets for around US$699.

Gizmag got a first hand look at the i-mate 810-F at CES 2010 and decided to dole out some punishment to see how it held up. Unfortunately we didn't have a truck on hand to run over the i-mate, but check out the video below to see how it held up against some awesome football skills.

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